Flags are not permitted on graves except as outlined in this policy.

  1. Fresh cut flowers may be placed on grave/cremation sites at anytime. Glass containers are not allowed. These flowers will be left at the grave/cremation site until they wither or start to dry out.

  2. Holiday wreaths are permitted from December 1 through January 5; from four days before Easter, through four days after Easter; Mothers Day; Memorial Day; Fathers Day and Veterans Day.

  3. Decorations such as permanent plantings, statues, wood crosses, vigil lights, upright metal grave markers, flag holders, breakable objects of any kind and similar commemorative items are not permitted at grave/cremation sites. Unauthorized items will be removed then stored outside of the maintenance compound fence for one week to allow for pick up. If not picked up, they will then be disposed of by cemetery staff.

  4. Funeral flowers will be placed immediately after the burial and will be left at the grave site until they are deemed unsightly. At this time they will be removed by the grounds employees and disposed of.

  5. At the expiration of periods approved for placement of flowers and other decorations placed during visitation, or when flowers or decorations become withered, faded, or otherwise unsightly, they will be removed.

Memorials/headstones are the property of the U. S. Government. Please do not attach anything to or alter your loved one’s memorial/headstone in any way.