Veterans ID Card FAq

Why should I get a veterans ID card?
The Virginia veterans ID card recognizes your service to the nation.  Hundreds of retailers and restaurants offer discounts and other special offers to veterans, especially around Memorial Day and Veterans Day.   With the veterans ID card you can easily show proof of your status as a veteran.

What are the requirements for the veterans ID card?
You must have an unexpired Virginia driver’s license or state issued ID card.  You will need to submit the veterans ID card application and present your DD214 or other document showing discharge from the military and discharge status. There is a one-time $10 fee.

I don’t have my DD214.  How can I get a copy?
The Virginia Department of Veterans Services can assist you with requesting a copy of your DD214.  DVS operates 22 offices across the state.  You may also request a copy of your DD214 online by visiting

I was not issued a DD214.
Contact the Virginia Department of Veterans Services and one of their representatives will assist you with identifying the type of discharge document you might have received.  

Are there other documents that can be used to prove military service and discharge status? 
Yes.  A WD AGO document may be used to show military service and discharge status as well as the DD256.

I am a member of the Virginia National Guard.  Do I qualify for a veterans ID card.
Members of the Virginia National Guard qualify if they were activated for federal duty.

Will I have to renew my veterans ID card?
No, the veterans ID card does not expire.

I’m a business owner.  What do I need to know about the veterans ID card?
Many retailers, restaurants, and other organizations offer discounts and special promotions to veterans.  The veterans ID card is an easy to verify an individual’s veteran status. 

The veterans ID card is issued by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles using information from the veteran’s DMV record.  The veteran validated his or her military service and discharge status by presenting his or her DD214 or other appropriate discharge document.  Therefore, you can feel comfortable about the validity of Virginia’s veterans ID card.

If a veteran applies for the veterans ID card at a DMV customer service center, he or she will receive a temporary veterans ID card (link to temporary veterans ID card/receipt).  This card can be used as proof of veteran status until the veteran receives his or her card in the mail, usually within a week of applying.