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Military Education & Workforce Initiative


The Military Education & Workforce Initiative uses a three-pronged approach to assist transitioning veterans that have chosen educational institutions as their preferred path to employment. Identifying and promoting employment pipelines, creating internship and fellowship opportunities, and highlighting community service initiatives are three methods used by the Military Education & Workforce Initiative to support Virginia’s Veterans on their path to employment.  Connectivity to fellow directorate programs such as the V3 Transition Program and the Virginia Values Veterans(V3) Program also serve to ensure valuable services are available throughout the entirety of our veterans journeys to their education and employment goals.


The Military Education & Workforce Initiative was created to fill the needs gap employers have with industry standards and requirements.  Currently, the program works directly with the Community College Workforce Alliance and provides Free Credentialing programs for transitioning service members, Veterans, and spouses.

For more information, contact Dana Newcomer with the Community College Workforce Alliance at or call 804-523-2289


Military-related students represent a growing pipeline of talent to Virginia employers. However, these students may face more obstacles than the traditional student that can impede their ability to complete their degrees and certifications. The program will focus on assisting Education and Training Institutions in understanding and meeting the needs of the Military-connected student, and identifying employment pathways for veterans.

The Military Education & Workforce Initiative (formerly known as the V3 Educator Program) was made possible through a generous grant by Altria. The MEWI is seeking to partner with Education and Training Institutions to build the Virginia Veteran workforce to meet the growing talent demands of employers with well-educated, trained, and certified Veterans. Join us today!

Virginia Department of Veterans Services Skillbridge/

HIRE VETS NOW Fellowship Program (DOD Approved)

The Virginia Department of Veterans Services Skillbridge/HIRE VETS NOW Fellowship Program provides transitioning service members the opportunity to network with Veteran Certified employers offering 6-12 week internships to eligible applicants, with commander approval, up to six months prior to separation.  Participation in a fellowship program while still serving in the military allows you to gain marketable skills and experience to enhance your civilian career opportunities.  If you are interested in the program and are within 18 months from separation, please download the Service Member Interest Form below, and send that along with your resume to

Service Member Interest Form

Current List of HVNFP Internships

To view the most up-to-date list of available internship opportunities, click the link above.  Before selecting a company to pursue, be sure to visit the company’s website to learn more about them.  For additional information, please email or call (804) 482-8517

Virginia Department of Veterans Services Military Student Laptop Application

Apply for enrollment in the Military Education Workforce Technology Project. This initiative is brought to you by grant funds afforded by the Altria Group.

Apply Now


Click Here to learn more about Transfer Virginia.  You can research, plan and organize your transfer journey using the information and resources available within this portal from Virginia’s institutions.


Upcoming Events:

VDVS SKILLBRIDGE/HIRE VETS NOW Networking and Hiring Events

If you are still transitioning and want an opportunity to meet employers in a more casual environment, join us at one of our hiring and networking events hosted throughout the state with the Virginia Chamber of Commerce Foundation and other local partners. Click here for more information on the HIRE VETS NOW Hiring and Networking Events, and to register.

Additional dates and registration links are below. Please keep in mind our training is always free and virtual for your convenience.




Contact the Military Education Workforce Initiative

Military Education Workforce Initiative
101 N. 14th Street, 17th Floor
Richmond, Virginia 23219

Telephone: 804-482-8494

Name Title Contact Information

John Hall

Skillbridge Education Workforce Manager