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The Memorial’s opening hours and upcoming events are listed below and on the Memorial’s website at

For additional information, please call 804-786-2060 or visit

The Virginia War Memorial in Richmond serves an integral role in supporting the mission of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services.  The Memorial honors our fallen heroes by passing their extraordinary stories of sacrifice forward to future generations through many outreach and on-site educational programs.  With regular patriotic events, educational seminars for students and teachers, historical museum exhibits, research library, first-person historical documentary videos, customized tours for schools and other groups, and virtual reality film, Into Battle, the Virginia War Memorial is heralded by many as the preeminent state memorial to honor its veterans in the United States. The Virginia War Memorial is located at 621 S. Belvidere St. Richmond, VA 23220. You may contact the Virginia War Memorial directly at 804-786-2060.

Monday – Saturday
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Noon – 4:00 p.m.
Shrine is open 5:00 a.m.-Midnight Daily

Christmas Day, New Years Day,
Easter & Thanksgiving Day

We invite you to visit.  Visit the Virginia War Memorial website here »



Clay Mountcastle, Director | 804-786-2061,

Ben King, Operations Director | 804-786-1661,

Jim Triesler, Education Director | 804-786-2062,

Crystal Coon, Assistant Director of Education | 804-786-9700,

Kyndall Drumheller, Education Logistics Manager | 804-786-2091,

Suzanne Feigley, Multimedia Services Manager | 804-786-2031,

Kyle Loving, Facilities Manager | 804-786-1634,

Sylvia Marshall, Archivist | 804-786-1468,

Rob Paylor, Special Projects | 804-786-2037,

Jesse Smith, Curator | 804-786-2067,