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Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Service Organizations

The mission of the Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Service Organizations (the JLC) is to provide advice and assistance to the Governor, General Assembly and the Department of Veterans Services (DVS) on matters of concern to the veterans community and provides a conduit of information to and from the veterans service organizations on policy and legislation, pending and enacted, as well as information on existing services.

The JLC is composed of one representative from each qualifying veterans service organization (VSO), to be appointed by the Governor, and the Commissioner of the Department of Veterans Services and the Chairmen of the Board of Veterans Services and the Veterans Services Foundation or their designees, who shall serve as nonvoting ex officio members.

VSO representatives are nominated by their organization and appointed by the Governor.

Qualifying veterans service organizations shall be (i) composed principally of and controlled by veterans of the United States Armed Forces, (ii) a registered nonprofit organization in good standing, incorporated for the purpose of promoting programs designed to assist veterans of the armed forces of the United States and their eligible spouses, orphans, and dependents, and (iii) active and in good standing with its parent national organization, if such a parent organization exists.

Each veterans service organization representative may designate an alternate to attend meetings of the Council in the absence of such representative.

Veterans service organizations are encouraged be a part of the JLC in support Virginia’s veterans and their families.

2021 Meeting Schedule:

All meetings are open to the public.

  • Friday, May 14, 9 a.m.  (Virtual)
  • Wednesday, July 14, 10 a.m.  (In person) Virginia War Memorial, 621 S. Belvidere St, Richmond VA 23220
  • Thursday, September 9, 10 a.m.  (In person) Virginia War Memorial, 621 S. Belvidere St, Richmond VA 23220
  • Wednesday, December 15, 10 a.m.  (In person) Richmond Times-Dispatch Building, 8460 Times Dispatch Blvd, Mechanicsville, VA 23116

For more information, please contact:

  • Denice Williams, JLC Acting Chair                                                                                                                 757-538-3535    or
  • Claudia Flores, DVS Director of Policy & Planning                                                                                     804-212-8928    or
  • Steven Combs, DVS Chief Deputy Commissioner                                                                                    804-221-3602   or


Veterans Service Organization JLC Representative as of 09/01/2021 Alternate as of 09/01/2021

Air Force Association

Thomas Wozniak

Richard Shook

American Legion

Richard Oertel

Bill Aramony


John Cooper

Rich Mansfield

Association of the U.S. Army

Michael Flanagan

Robert Sempek

Disabled American Veterans

Denice Williams

Thomas Wendel

Fleet Reserve Association

William Ashton

Jeffrey Gilmartin

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA)

Lauren Augustine

Legion of Valor of the U.S., Inc.

Robert Herbert

Rich Rinaldo

Marine Corps League

Jim Barrett

John Clickener

Military Officers Association of America

Monti Zimmerman

John Down

Military Order of the Purple Heart

James Cuthbertson

Mark Atchison

Military Order of the World Wars

Vernon Peters

Alvin Chandler

Navy Mutual Aid Association

Michelle Domingue

Meredith Burns

Paralyzed Veterans of America

Preston Curry

Raymond Kenney

Reserve Organization of America

David Sitler

Terrence Moore

Roanoke Valley Veterans Council

Perry Taylor

Dan Karnes

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Dan Boyer

Rick Raskin

Vietnam Veterans of America

Charles Montgomery

George Corbett

Virginia Army/Air National Guard Enlisted Associated

Robert Barnette

Carl Holcomb

Virginia National Guard Association

Kevin Hoffman

Andrew Czaplicki

Chairman of the Board of Veterans Services

Michael Dick

Chairman of the Veterans Services Foundation

John Lesinski

Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Veterans Services

John Maxwell

ANNUAL REPORTS - five most recent reports posted. Prior reports available on request

Recordings of electronic meetings

An audio or video recording of the electronic meetings held on November 20 and December 16, 2020 is available on request