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Springfield Benefits Office

Service Area

The Cities of Pentagon, Henderson Hall-Fort Myers, Fort Belvoir, Arlington County, Alexandria-Fairfax Counties, Springfield-Franconia, Lorton, Loudoun, Fredericksburg and surrounding areas.


Effective March 28, 2022 the Springfield office will operate by Appointments only 8:30am – 3pm daily. 


The Springfield office will be closed for training on Monday December 5th and Tuesday December 6th, 2022.

Address Telephone Fax
6564 Loisdale Ct.
Suite 301
Springfield, VA 22150
703-417-9090 703-417-9025
Veterans Service Representative E-mail
Jannine Pete
Charles Reynolds
Michael Carlson
Service Schedule
Town Schedule Location
Fort Belvoir

3rd Thursday of every month

Army Museum, 1775 Liberty Drive, Fort Belvoir