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The new Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program (VMSDEP) portal is live. Please call the VMSDEP Office at (804) 225-2083 or email at if you have any issues accessing your account.

Military Medics and Corpsmen (MMAC) Program

Attention Veterans and Military Spouses:
Your Path Is Clear To A Civilian Healthcare Career

How can the Military Medics and Corpsmen (MMAC) Program help you? Easy. Give us your employment and education goals. We’ll put you on the path to reach them. Looking to continue in patient care? Perhaps a non-clinical career that matches your military training and experience? Maybe a leadership role? Are you a Military Spouse seeking a position in Virginia’s healthcare system?

Whatever path you choose . . . we’ll clear it for you.

Path One: MMAC Qualified
Are you a veteran or transitioning Combat Medic/68W, Corpsman or Medical Technician/4N0X and it has been less than 12 months since you practiced hands-on clinical care? You may be MMAC Qualified. Only in Virginia you can continue to practice your clinical skills without the required civilian healthcare credentials – while you work to get those credentials. Keep skills sharp and credentialing on track with MMAC.

Path Two: No Veteran Left Behind
From HR to the ER or from PT to IT or engineering, healthcare needs people now with clinical and non-clinical military training and experience. Ever thought of a non-clinical role in HR, logistics or HVAC? We can help. Next to a patient, behind a desk, or on a ladder, we’ll help find your place in healthcare.

Path Three: Healthcare Leadership
Hospitals are like military installations. They need experienced leaders to keep things running efficiently and effectively. Are you that leader? From leading a practice or program, to managing safety, supply chain, infrastructure or information technology – if you are management material, we’ll help find your fit.

Path Four: Military Spouses
If you’re a Military Spouse looking to start or continue a career in Virginia’s healthcare system, you’ve come to the right place. We are advocates, an employment resource, and a source of credentialing information. MMAC sets you up for success and potential employment at MMAC Partner Healthcare Systems and Virginia Values Veterans Certified Healthcare Employers statewide. Spouses serve too. Let MMAC serve you.


What We Do At MMAC:

The MMAC team recruits, reviews and refers candidates to healthcare employers statewide. The hiring decisions and scope of practice are up to the employers. While we don’t provide licensure and certification or direct financial assistance – we do clear the path for your next mission: being part of Virginia’s civilian healthcare team. Whatever your role – we’ve got your route.

For all things MMAC click here for the MMAC Applicant Action Guide.

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Got Questions? Touch base at:


This link to a story on WSLS-TV in Roanoke sums up our great partnership with Carilion Clinic and our mission of veteran employment and education:

This additional link, to a story that aired on WTKR-TV in Norfolk, sums up another great partnership, with Bon Secours Health and features the success story of a Navy veteran who gained a job as a Clinical Care Technician by participating in the MMAC Program:

Watch the Lifetime Channel Military Makeover: Operation Career show featuring MMAC Applicant and Bon Secours Health employee Tanisha Tucker:

Check out this 2-minute video spotlighting an MMAC hire, former Navy Corpsman Shanail Romane:


Click Here to learn more about Transfer Virginia.  You can research, plan and organize your transfer journey using the information and resources available within this portal from Virginia’s institutions.

ATTTENTION: STEM Scholarship Now Available Post-911 GI Bill Recipients
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) now offers the Edith Nourse Rogers STEM Scholarship for students in STEM fields. See the STEM Infographic for details.

Our Partner Healthcare Systems:


Want to be an MMAC Partner Healthcare System? Contact an MMAC team member below.

MMAC Contacts

Name Title Contact Details

Antwon Jacobs

MMAC Program Manager

(804) 357-3664

James Byrd

MMAC Program Coordinator

(804) 221-3190

Jocelyn Escobar

MMAC Resource Coordinator