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Survey/Info: Virginia Rural Health Conference 2012

In order to begin addressing some of these issues, the Virginia Public Health Association and the Virginia Rural Health Association are partnering to hold the 2012 Virginia Rural Health Action Conference in Charlottesville on October 8 and 9. To address the relevant issues in the most logical way, we need your help!


Please take 10 minutes to participate in our brief survey that will help us identify the factors, including behaviors, diseases, economic factors and more, that have the most impact on the health of rural Virginians. The data will be used to inform the cross-sector discussions at the October conference as the participants work to develop an outline for the updated State Rural Health Plan.


We want to hear from everyone with a stake in the health of rural Virginia: advocates, concerned citizens, educators, housers, medical personnel, policy makers and planners, public health practitioners, social service organizations. We want to hear from YOU! Your input is highly valued and will help the conference participants identify the priority items for the new Rural Health Plan.


Click here to participate in the survey. (No personal information will be collected without your permission.)