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Virginia Department of Veterans Services Encourages Veterans to Enroll in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system to Expedite COVID-19 Vaccination

Veterans who are seeking COVID-19 vaccinations should contact the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Using CDC guidelines, the VA is working to inoculate veterans as the vaccine becomes available to their medical centers.

To expedite the process, veterans are encouraged to enroll in the VA’s health care system. If you are a veteran and would like to learn more about how to enroll in the VA’s health care system, please click here to arrange an appointment with one of VDVS’s Veterans Service Representatives or call 804-786-0286. VDVS representatives stand ready to assist.

Information about the VA’s efforts to vaccinate the veteran population may be found here: or you can call MyVA411 at 800-698-2411.

Alternatively, veterans are encouraged to follow their local health department’s guidance to determine their phase, as well as when vaccinations will become available locally.  For this information, please access: