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Wounded Warriors hunt at Radford Army Ammunition Plant

Source: This article was originally published on by Karen Kiley | Reporter
RADFORD; Va — The war in Afghanistan began 10 years ago, October 7, 2001. Since then, thousands of soldiers have returned home wounded.
A program here in Virginia is helping our veterans cope with the after-effects of war.
It’s hunting season.
“I’ve seen two does and a buck,” said Sonny Wooley. 
But Sonny Wooley is not just a hunter. He’s a hero.”
“I joined the navy in 1966 after I graduated out of high school,” he said.
Wooley served in Vietnam, then the Gulf War, and in 2003 he served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
“I’ve got some grandkids and I want to see them have a free country, that’s why I went back,” he explained about why he went to Iraq at 50 years old.
Wooley says he would still be serving today, except in 2004 he suffered a stroke while in Iraq.
“I really enjoyed it, I miss it too. And this right here {hunting with the wounded warriors} brings back memories,” he said.
Now medically discharged, Wooley is one of six veterans who hunted at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant as part of theVirginia Wounded Warrior Program.
“It’s hard sometimes to realize the physical sacrifices they made,” said the Radford Army Ammunition Plant’s natural resource manager Len DiIoia.  “I had one guy say he’d never been treated like this before, never given these opportunities or shown this appreciation.”
More than the appreciation, the hunt gives Wooley, who’s made it home from three wars, the chance to heal and to lend support to younger veterans.
“Right now, for the guys coming back, don’t give up,” he advised. “If you’ve got a problem go to the VA center or do something like the Wounded Warrior program. Get help.”