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The new Virginia Military Survivors and Dependents Education Program (VMSDEP) portal is live. Please call the VMSDEP Office at (804) 225-2083 or email at if you have any issues accessing your account.

Virginia SkillBridge Program- Employer Application

Virginia Department of Veteran Services (VDVS) and identified community partners have collaborated to facilitate SkillBridge internship connections for transitioning Service members who are separating or retiring from the military. SkillBridge authorization allows eligible Service members with command approval to participate in corporate internships as their place of duty up to 180 days prior to separation. This program is recognized by the Department of Defense as an approved SkillBridge Program, all individuals from all Service branches are invited to participate.

Internship Programs – An internship is a workplace learning experience that assists participants to prepare for employment by observing and performing, within the employer’s operating environment, the work activities performed by members of the employer’s workforce. Internships may be completed in Federal, State, or local government or in the private sector (either for-profit or not-for -profit).

**All fields may not be required and my not apply to your organization, please leave these fields blank.

Please provide the name, position, phone number, and email address of the person responsible for completing this form:

Employer Enrollment Form


In order to participate in Fellowship as an Industry Recognized Apprenticeship or Pre-apprenticeship program, the following criteria must be met. Please check the criteria to which your program adheres:

The Industry Program must train apprentices for employment in jobs that require specialized knowledge and experience and involve the performance of complex tasks.*


Participation in an internship is based on strict adherence to all criteria listed below. Please attest to the fact that your proposed Fellowship Internship Program complies with the following criteria (select all that apply):

The Service member participant will receive full military pay and benefits for the duration of the internship and no compensation from the organization sponsoring the internship.*


Please select which of the following apply to your proposed employment skills or training Fellowship program. The proposed Fellowship program is:

An Education and Job Training Program approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). (See the VA ”Search for Approved Education and Job Training Programs” for more information)*


Please provide details about the opportunity your organization will provide as a Fellowship program. These details must include a written plan (program standards) embodying the terms and conditions of the program, the objective(s) of the opportunity. Additionally, provide a schedule of events, defined tasks, roles and responsibilities for both the Fellowship participant and supervising members of the sponsoring organization and any other relevant related information that supports the objectives of the opportunity.

Please describe the objective of the proposed opportunity:*


By submitting this form, I attest that the information provided within this form is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. Additionally, I acknowledge and understand that checking this box will be enforceable as to the extent of a handwritten signature for enforcement / enforceability on documents. I agree, that if there are changes to a trainee’s approved training outline or work agreement, I will make the Virginia Department of Veteran Services aware, immediately.

I agree:*

Training Outline


File(s) size limit is 20MB.