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AmeriCorps Service Project

In honor of the Martin Luther King Day of Service, Virginia Wounded Warrior Program (VWWP), AmeriCorps members performed a community service project at the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia. On Monday, January 21, 19 AmeriCorps members served in the area of quality assurance sorting non-perishable food items. Before the start of the service project members were required to watch a brief video which provided them with information on how to properly sort food while ensuring that safety standards were adhered to.

AmeriCorps members checked the food safety of items that had been donated through food drives, from groceries, or through a food distributor. Service members checked for secure packaging, food quality dates, and sorted with like items (all the beans in one bin, all the macaroni products to another bin, etc.). Overall, AmeriCorps members enjoyed their experience at the Foodbank and made the following comments:

“I thought it was an amazing experience! Knowing that in the end we were able to pack enough food to feed so many individuals really touched my heart.”

“I really enjoyed serving at the Foodbank and plan to volunteer there again.”

“This service project made me realize how fortunate I really am.”

This service project allowed VWWP AmeriCorps members to continue their working relationship with local Foodbanks. Last year, AmeriCorps members participated in the AARP Community Food Drive. Service members collected non-perishable food items which were later donated to local Fodbanks and pantries. At this year’s MLK Day of service AmeriCorps members sorted 1, 870 pounds of food which will provide  15, 066 meals to individuals and families in need.