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BIAV Conference; VWWP Participation

The Virginia Wounded Warrior Program participated in the Brain Injury Association’s 11th Annual Conference on 10 March 2012 and facilitated a break-out session entitled “Connecting the Dots of TBI Services for Virginia Veterans”. A panel of veterans and TBI service providers discussed the experiences, challenges, and treatment of veterans who sustain a TBI from their military service. Those participating in the panel were: Colonel Tim Maxwell (USMC, retired), James Norris who served with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, Colonel Audie Wilkins (USA, retired), Dr. Don Nidiffer, Executive Director of DVBIC- Charlottesville, and Dr. Michelle Wickham, who is a clinician with Region II VWWP. The panel was moderated by Camilla Schwoebel, VWWP Region I Director.

Learn more about the conference.