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2014 Compensation and Benefits Handbook

Compensation and benefits for the ill, wounded and injured members of the armed forces.
Source: Please click here for the pdf.

Welcome to the DoD Compensation and Benefits Handbook for Wounded, Ill, and Injured Members of the Armed Forces. If you are a Service member in any of those categories, you should find this Handbook to be a useful reference.

First, please know that your service to your country and the sacrifices you have made are appreciated by all Americans. We owe our liberty to patriots like you and those who came before you. The American people, through their elected representatives, have put in place many programs to help you as you go through your recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration, whether that is return to military service or a return to civilian life.

This Handbook was designed to answer your questions in the order in which they are most likely to arise. It is intended as a quick reference for you and your loved ones during rehabilitation and reintegration. This version will link you to all of the resource sites you will need, it will answer most of your immediate questions and lead you to the right places to answer the rest.

Many of the answers to your questions will depend on your specific, personal circumstances. Take advantage of the assistance of your Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC), Non-Medical Care Manager (NMCM) or Federal Recovery Coordinator (FRC), if assigned, to find the answers to your questions or help you contact the appropriate experts.

This handbook is available electronically at: