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The VDVS statewide Benefits offices will be closed May 1 – May 5, 2017 for mandatory annual training. This training affords VDVS the opportunity to sustain excellent service for Virginia’s veterans and eligible family members.

Real Estate Tax Exemption


Veterans rated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as having a 100%, permanent and total, service-connected disability or who have a service-connected individual unemployable disability rating are exempt from paying real estate taxes on their primary residence.  The exemption is based on the veteran’s disability rating rather than the level of compensation.  The exemption includes property held jointly by a husband and wife, and applies to the residence and up to one acre of land.

The surviving spouse of an eligible veteran may also receive the real estate tax exemption if the veteran died on or after January 1, 2011.  The spouse will lose the exemption if he or she remarries or does not occupy the property as his or her primary residence.  For more information, contact the commissioner of the revenue for your locality, contact information may be found here.